44 minutes | Mar 22, 2021

How Future Proofing You Author Jay Samit Maximizes OPM Marketing

In sync with his new book launch, join us for a timely conversation with Jay Samit, Author of “Future Proofing You” (March 23, 2021), Change Agent, Entrepreneur and Disruptor with your Host and Goody PR Founder Liz H Kelly. Listeners will learn why Samit recommends using his “secret sauce” OPM Marketing to maximize results with an example of working with McDonald’s. In addition, Samit explains that he wrote “Future Proofing You” and “Disrupt You” (now in 12 languages) to “Pay it Forward” and inspire others to become successful entrepreneurs. In his new book, Samit shares how he mentored a millennial Vin Clancy to go from being on welfare to a millionaire in under one year. You’ll hear how Vin created a marketing agency using a positive growth mindset and identified his “Superpower.” To empower you, Samit provides tools in his “Future Proofing You” book and workbook to help anyone work remotely and generate wealth as an entrepreneur. Towards the end of this interview, Samit explains how he set up the first TEDx event at USC, the speaker selection process and the importance of storytelling in a TEDx Talk. As someone who has raised hundreds of MILLIONS of Dollars for startups, worked with major brand clients (American Express, Disney, Best Buy, and more), mentored successful entrepreneurs and visionaries (Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Reid Hoffman from LinkedIn), sells companies to FORTUNE 500 Companies, and transformed pre-IPO start-ups and businesses for three decades, you don’t want to miss this episode. Buy his new book Future Proofing You, follow @JaySamit and visit JaySamit.com.
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