35 minutes | Jan 23rd 2020

From Epstein to Moore: How LITTLE DARLINGS Made a Terrible Impact

As more and more skeevy stories about middle-age men who dated (and inevitably raped) young teens come out, you gotta wonder: how did they ever think this was okay (in fact, failed Senatorial candidate Roy Moore actually still says it was okay). While it's NOT OKAY, there was definitely a message being pushed in pop culture that's evident in the movies of the '80s that teen girls were obsessed with sex and, in fact, the girls were the predators Take 1980's Little Darlings, starring two of the most famous teen girls of the era, Kristy McNichol and Tatum O'Neal. It's about two 15-year-old campers who bet they can lose their virginity first - and one of them has her heart set on her 30-year-old camp counselor/high school teacher (it's okay to throw up). Film critics Tara McNamara, Gen X, and Riley Roberts, Gen Y, discuss what was going on in the '80s, how this film was such a massive success at the time, and how the messages the film sent impact society today.