8 minutes | Mar 19, 2021

FMU 1-47 | Talking about gardening in Ukrainian | 5 Minute Ukrainian

У вас є сад чи город? Find out the difference between сад vs город, вирощувати vs рости and learn more useful vocabulary and phrases for talking about gardening in Ukrainian!Конспект уроку – lesson notes for this episode include:Dialogue transcript - to practice reading (with word stresses);Dialogue translation - to make sure you understand every line;Phrases with translation - to practice reading and translating them from English;Bonus phrases - to learn more useful phrases on the topic;3 bonus exercises - to practice (and progress!)To receive Lesson Notes to this and other episodes of FMU, as well as flashcards and mp3 files every 10 episodes subscribe and become our premium member. Find out more about our premium membership here.
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