29 minutes | Jun 13th 2018

Desislava Dobreva - Secrets of a Badass Brand Specialist Revealed: 5 Minute Success - The Podcast

Desislava Dobreva - Secrets of a Badass Brand Specialist Revealed: 5 Minute Success - The Podcast, Episode 63


Known for her unconventional approach to branding, Des Dobreva is the founder of the global BBS community and one of the big innovators in the branding space. She’s a location-independent Brand Strategist with 100 000+ social media fans and millions of people who have seen and interacted with her content. As an international speaker and avid live streamer, Des has spoken about the power of branding and social media all over the world and has dedicated her career to helping brands share their story to change lives.


Des has helped clients leave their jobs, retire their partners and triple their income in the span of a few months. She has also enabled brands to grow their business massively by implementing the correct branding and content strategies.


Because her expertise is transferable to every industry, Desislava has worked with both global brands and small businesses - from service-based entrepreneurs and e-commerce shops to restaurants and tech startups.




In this episode, Karen and Desislava Dobreva discuss:

  • Success Story of Desislava Dobreva 
  • Commit to Get Leads
    • Following the 4 pillars of authority and online presence helps get leads
  • Consult to Sell
    • Sharing testimonials and showing that you are good at what you do
  • Connect to Build and Grow
    • Constantly continue to build and grow your team because your team helps your company thrive 
  • Success Thinking, Activities and Vision
    • Surround yourself with people who are going to push you to do better
  • Sweet spot of Success



"Nobody is really going to respect you as an expert if they do not see you truly passionate about what you do"- Desislava Dobreva 


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Connect with Desislava Dobreva: 


Twitter:  @DesDobreva

Facebook:  @DesDobreva

Instagram:  @DesDobreva

Website:  DesDobreva.com

LinkedIn: Des Dobreva

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