47 minutes | Apr 6, 2021

Shawn Frayne

SHAWN FRAYNE, CEO and CO-FOUNDER, LOOKING GLASS FACTORYA graduate of MIT, Shawn Frayne has been reaching towards the dream of the hologram for over 20 years. Shawn got his start with a classic laser interference pattern holographic studio he built in high school, followed by training in advanced holographic film techniques at MIT. He has been awarded dozens of patents around the world, the Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award, and noted as one of the ‘20 Best Brains Under 40’ by Discover Magazine.  Shawn serves as co-founder and CEO of Looking Glass Factory working between their Brooklyn, NY and Hong Kong offices. LOOKING GLASS FACTORYFounded in 2014, Looking Glass Factory Inc is headquartered in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with additional operations in Hong Kong. In 2018 the company launched the world's first desktop holographic display dev kit; in 2019, started shipping the world's first 8K light field display; and in 2020, launched Looking Glass Portrait, a personal holographic display. Today, Looking Glass Factory is building a world in which everyone from LiDAR photographers to Unity developers to Fortune 500 companies can leave Flatland and enter the third dimension.NO DYSTOPIAN FUTURES ALLOWEDWe live in 3D. And yet, most of our memories, digital creations, and the ways we connect with one another remain trapped on flat, 2D screens. While the big technology companies have put forth AR and VR headsets as solutions for what comes after two-dimensional screens, Looking Glass Factory is taking a different approach. They believe that the interfaces of the future won't be worn on your head 16 hours a day. They will be more like campfires glowing with three-dimensional fields of light that you can gather around with others. Sometimes in the same room, sometimes a world apart.Welcome to the (holographic) future...AcknowledgmentsA special thank you to Benjamin Monlezun for the use of his original song, Downpoor.The views expressed in this episode are solely those of the podcast host and guests and do not necessarily represent the position, strategy, or opinions of CableLabs.
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