56 minutes | Feb 22nd 2021

The Essential Guide to Thriving—Not Just Surviving—As We Age

Getting old may not be for sissies, as Bette Davis once said, but that doesn’t mean we should be resigned to going through a long period of decline as we age. Quite the opposite, says Carol Waldman, a gerontologist and former executive director of a large and innovative suburban senior center. Getting older can mean thriving, not just surviving during the later stages of life. How so? Carol provides a step-by-step “Thrival Guide,” with several pragmatic tips, including how to adapt to change, stay open to unseen possibilities, discover new purposes, and adopt a new view of time. Carol offers a wealth of stories and examples of programs that have brought joy and meaning to thousands of seniors over three decades, including a nationally recognized Lifelong Learning Lecture Series. A passionate fighter against ageism, she also has spearheaded an AARP Age-Friendly initiative in her local community, advocating for policies that benefit people of all generations.
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