56 minutes | Mar 1st 2021

The Art of “Reinvention”— Across a 60-Year Career

Many people talk about “reinventing” themselves over the course of their career, but few do it like Patricia King. At age 9, Pat decided she wanted to be a novelist, and while she would eventually achieve her goal—some 60 years later—she was first hired as a technical writer for a large insurance company. One job led to another, and Pat evolved into a corporate trainer, not only teaching plain-English skills, but opening up a major Wall Street bank to affirmative action programs for women. And then, as a single mother, she decided to leave the corporate nest to start her own consulting company, from scratch. Over time, Pat built up an international management consulting company, and along the way wrote five nonfiction books on business subjects include Never Work for a Jerk, which landed her on the Oprah Winfrey show. And then she left again, for another entrepreneurial venture. This is Part 1 of Host Ron Roel’s conversation with Pat King, as she recounts her extraordinary journey.
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