55 minutes | Feb 15th 2021

Retirement Revised: What you Need to Know about Social Insurance

Advances in health care and medicine have added years to our lifespan, but they’ve also made retirement more complicated than ever. How do we plan for this “longevity bonus,” considering the uncertainties of health care, caregiving, housing transitions and savings that may not last as long as we do? In today’s conversation, Host Ron Roel talks with Mark Miller, a widely recognized journalist, podcaster and author who writes extensively about retirement trends and aging — but with a uniquely different perspective. While the field of retirement experts tends to be very investment and saving-oriented, Mark focuses heavily on social insurance, a critical component in ensuring a secure and sustainable life in our later years. The publisher of RetirementRevised.com, Mark offers the latest information about Medicare options and Social Security benefits, as well as incisive thoughts on how to consider housing and work as part of retirement planning.
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