17 minutes | Apr 26, 2019

Ep1: A Brief Introduction to Competitive Skee-Ball

Go down memory lane with us in episode 1 to hear why we care about the competitive Skee-Ball culture and why we think you should, too. In this episode we give a brief introduction to competitive Skee-Ball by exploring our earliest Skee-Ball memories, highlight a few things you'll need to start a team of your own, and explain the competitive league format we're most familiar with. If you like what you hear, the best way to support us is to tell people about the show. Please consider subscribing wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Visit www.40outpodcast.com/roll to find a link to our Google Map. Use it to find a new place to roll or help add to the list if you know of a place with Skee-Ball that isn't on our map. You can email us at findtheforty@gmail.com The music you hear in the podcast is provided by Cymatix Beats. Please call us at 512-270-1609 and let us know what you think of the show! We'd also love to hear any pro tips you have for someone rolling for the first time. Looking for some swag for you pup? Visit another one of Space Wolf's passion projects at www.barkswagbandans.com and snag a handmade reversible bandana. www.40outpodcast.com
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