88 minutes | Feb 25th 2021

17. Earl Brown - High School Coach

When Jermel learned he would be interviewing Earl Brown his first words were "Burke Basketball." He would watch the news and hear family and friends talk about Burke Basketball and Earl B. Growing up downtown, everyone dreamed of playing for this icon. Jermel was fortunate enough to experience what it was like to be in the mix. Every player looks for that coach that carries themselves with confidence and holds a high level of respect from their community. Earl B also pulled the grit and tenacity out of every player IF you had it in you. This created a transferable skill that’s applied to Jermel's life right now. The will to FIGHT and WIN. Jermel appreciated the tough love as it made him a soldier! The stories never change, just the times. Our DAE Foundation message is to bring quality information to student-athletes, parents of student-athletes and the community that supports them both. There is a wealth of knowledge being shared in our interviews with stories from former collegiate players, professional athletes, collegiate coaches, sports agents and more.
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