56 minutes | Feb 4th 2021

14. Janet Carter - Nutritionist/MUSC

Janet is Program Manager and lead dietitian of the Heart Health program. She holds a certificate in training in Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management (in addition to adult) and is a Fellow of the National Lipid Association (clinical lipidology). Janet has been a practicing dietitian for nearly 20 years, with 14 of those in her current role. She completed her master’s in science degree and dietetic internship at Boston University and has enjoyed working with families on healthy habits ever since. Featured on Episode 14 is Jermel's good friend, Janet Carter. Jermel met Janet on a CCSD/MUSC/DAE collaboration called Options a couple years ago. Janet and Jermel remained friends after the project. She also participated in our nutrition segment for DAE TV! For DAE TV, Janet’s main focus was to educate student-athletes about proper foods to eat pre and post workouts, certain diets to consider to gain and/or lose weight, tactics to gain muscle, and foods not to eat if you are sick or injured during that time period. In my conversations with athletes and coaches everyone stresses the importance of DIET, NUTRITION and SLEEPING. Sometimes, we see kids eating McDonalds, Skittles and drinking sodas pre and post games. Athletes should be more intentional about health as well as talent. Your talent needs you to be healthy so it can perform! The DAE Foundation message is to bring quality information to STUDENT-ATHLETES, PARENTS of student athletes and THE COMMUNITY that supports them both. There is a wealth of knowledge being shared in our interviews, the stories are from former COLLEGIATE PLAYERS, PROFESSIONAL PLAYERS, COLLEGIATE COACHES, SPORT AGENTS and this list goes on…
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