69 minutes | Jul 28, 2020

Ep 270: Who’s Really Making Money Off Youth Soccer?

Being a coach, administrator, trainer, or educator in youth soccer is a job like any other. Why should anyone be expected to do it for free, or for minimum wage, or for less than minimum wage? That’s the expectation in American youth soccer, though. Those who make money in youth soccer are often unnecessarily demonized. Here’s the thing, nobody is getting rich off youth soccer. Sure, some DOC’s or executives might be making 6 figures, but why shouldn’t they? This certainly isn’t the popular stance to take, but the notion that no one should be making money off youth soccer is completely misguided. So, today Gary Kleiban and I discuss the issue and how it’s linked to other popular talking points such as “pay to play”, promotion and relegation, and the global soccer marketplace. If you have questions about anything we cover, send them our way. We’d be happy to answer them in future episodes. Never miss new episodes: Subscribe to 3four3 FM on iTunes Subscribe to 3four3 FM on Stitcher Subscribe to 3four3 FM on Spotify Coaching Education Program This is brought to you by the 3four3 coaching education program. Learn more and join over 400 coaches using our proven possession-based methodology. The post Ep 270: Who’s Really Making Money Off Youth Soccer? appeared first on 3four3.
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