90 minutes | Mar 23rd 2020

BONUS EPISODE – Coronavirus: One Rep at a Time

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In this episode, all four coaches (Jeff, Eric, Brad, and Alberto) share their thoughts and feelings about the current coronavirus pandemic. They talk about recent experiences they ve had, their perspectives, and how you can modify your training program during this time.

What are the benefits of continuing your prep if your show has been cancelled? What is the value of mediating on the worst-case scenario? If you only want to purchase one piece of exercise equipment during this time, what do the coaches recommend you get? In what ways do the coaches think this will ultimately make all of us better?

Along with providing ideas on how you can set up your training with limited equipment, the coaches discussion provides a feeling of relief during these uncertain times.


0:00- Introduction
2:30- Eric s recent trip to Costa Rica
7:56- Brad, Jeff, and Alberto s thoughts and feelings about the current situation
31:53- Focusing on the present
44:50- The value of meditating on the worst-case scenario
50:09- Ways you can modify your training if you don t have a home gym
1:01:36- Building resiliency
1:20:19- Coming out better on the other side

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