91 minutes | Nov 19th 2020

#165: Appetite Manipulation

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Eric, Brad, and Steve discuss strategies you can use to manipulate your appetite to help you achieve your goals.

How has 3DMJ s approach to nutrition changed over the years? How important is structure when trying to gain weight? If you re struggling to eat enough calories, what are some simple things you can do to increase your appetite and calorie intake? How can you adjust your protein, fat, and carbohydrate intake to make it easier to eat more calories? How does our environment affect our eating behavior? How can someone get better at recognizing when they are hungry and when they are full?

Oftentimes it s not about knowing what to do, but being able to actually do it. This is certainly true in many situations when it comes to eating the required amount of calories for one s goals. Check out this episode for some creative solutions to frustrating plateaus.


0:00- Introduction
7:57- How 3DMJ s approach to nutrition has changed over the years
23:45- A tool for getting more attuned to your body s hunger and fullness signals
29:47- How our environment affects our eating behavior
34:56- The importance of structure when trying to gain weight
48:11- Strategies for increasing your appetite and calorie intake
55:08- The affect of protein, vegetables, and fiber on appetite
1:06:00- Behavioral adjustments that result in weight loss
1:16:27- Being process-oriented vs. outcome-oriented
1:25:24- Final thoughts

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