74 minutes | Oct 22nd 2020

#163: Our Coaches Latest Training Techniques

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In this episode, Jeff, Brad, and Alberto discuss how they program their athletes training. The coaches talk about numerous training tools, how they keep their athletes training fresh, and training quality.

What is Jeff s approach to programming? What has Brad been doing recently to make his athletes training more enjoyable? What are the coaches thoughts on taking time off from training in place of a traditional deload? What does high-quality training look like? How do the coaches utilize blood flow restriction training and myo-reps?

The answers to these, plus many more programming-related questions are covered in today s episode. If you re an athlete and/or coach interested in learning more about programming, give today s episode a listen.


0:00- Introduction
6:24- How Brad has been making his athletes training more enjoyable
9:43- Jeff s approach to programming
15:32- Blood flow restriction training
27:51- Not all sets are equal
44:52- Autoregulation, deloads, weeks off
58:26- Myo-reps
1:11:10- Final thoughts

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