73 minutes | Jul 30th 2020

#157: All About Confidence

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In this episode, Eric, Andrea, and Amanda (the team s mental health consultant) take a close look at confidence. They discuss what it is, what it is not, and how to become more confident.

What is self-efficacy and how can you increase it? What is the difference between confidence and arrogance? What are some of the ways people deal with their insecurities? What is a growth mind-set? How can bodybuilding serve as a vehicle to help someone increase their self-confidence?

Tune in to today s episode to hear the answers to these, plus many related questions.


0:00- Introduction
2:04- What is confidence?
8:31- Self-efficacy
30:02- Arrogance vs. Confidence
36:54- Processing feedback and increasing self-efficacy
50:10- Enjoy the process
1:04:15- Facing your insecurities

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