77 minutes | Jul 16th 2020

#156: Teaching Lifters How To Move Online

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This episode is the most comprehensive episode to date when it comes to teaching yourself or others how to lift. During the conversation, Eric, Jeff, and Brad discuss the tools and strategies they use to teach their athletes how to lift and pose.

What is the difference between an internal cue and an external cue? When is a good time to use each one? What are the roles of assistance exercises? What is amplifying the error and how can it help someone improve their form? Is it okay to cheat your reps sometimes? What system does Jeff use to determine when he or one of his athletes is ready to add load to an exercise?

The answers to these questions plus many more are covered in today s talk. Whether you re looking to improve your technique or help your clients improve theirs, you re sure to walk away from this episode with numerous methods for how to do so.


0:00- Introduction
3:02- Teaching people how to lift online vs. Teaching people in-person
7:42- Teaching people how to pose online vs. Teaching people in-person
12:45- Teaching powerlifters vs. Teaching bodybuilders
21:55- Perfect form vs. 8/10 form
27:38- Internal vs. External cues
45:31- The role of assistance exercises
54:07- Jeff s system for increasing load on a lift
59:23- Programming strategies to improve form
1:11:31- Takeaways

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