97 minutes | Jun 18th 2020

#154: Real World Nutrition Coaching

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In this episode, Jeff, Brad, and Andrea discuss how the coaches design their athletes protocols.

What questions do the coaches ask a new athlete before designing their protocol? What details do they want to know? How do they design protocols for athletes who are multiple years away from competing? How do the coaches utilize tracking? What do the coaches think about trying to be as optimal as possible?

Along with covering the ins and outs of how they create protocols, the coaches talk about helpful perspectives they share with their athletes. As alluded to in the title, today s episode is not about what research says is optimal, it s about how to create effective, livable, enjoyable plans.


0:00- Introduction
1:30- How 3DMJ s clientele has changed over the past few years
31:00- How the coaches and the team s dietitian work together
36:28- What the coaches consider when designing an athlete s protocol
1:11:16- Focusing on just the “big rocks” versus trying to be as optimal as possible

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How To Track Your Food & Count Macros The Right Way- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLfdf_W2F4o

3DMJ Vault- https://www.3dmjvault.com


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