68 minutes | May 21st 2020

#152: Should Bodybuilders Max Out?

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In this episode, Alberto, Andrea, and Eric thoroughly discuss the relationship between strength and hypertrophy. They cover programming strategies for physique athletes, how to ensure overload is happening, and the necessity of 1-RM testing.

Is it possible to increase muscle size without increasing your one-rep max? What should you do if you re getting stronger but don t look stronger? How can you program without 1-RM testing? What do the coaches monitor to make sure their bodybuilders are making progress in regard to muscular hypertrophy?

The answers to these questions plus many more are addressed in today s episode. If you have any questions about hypertrophy, programming, or tracking progress, give this episode a listen.


0:00- Introduction
4:57- The relationship between strength and hypertrophy
16:12- Using 1 RMs to program
23:57- What the coaches monitor to ensure their bodybuilders are making progress
37:00- How to program without 1 RMs
44:44- Should a bodybuilder ever go to failure when testing?
46:17- Programming strategies for advanced competitors
1:02:49- What to do if you re getting stronger but don t look stronger

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