73 minutes | May 7th 2020

#151: Quarantine Comeback

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In this episode, Eric, Alberto, and Nick discuss how to efficiently and effectively transition from your home training routine to your pre-quarantine routine once gyms reopen.

Where is a good starting spot for volume? Where is a good starting spot for intensity? How is Alberto going to go about his first week back in the gym? What does science say about muscle memory ? How can you reduce your likelihood of experiencing a counterproductive amount of muscle damage?

Along with answering all of these questions and more, this episode contains a case study on Alberto covering what his reacclimation process could look like.


0:00- Introduction
9:13- Case study: Alberto Nuñez
15:01- The science on muscle memory
21:49- Starting point recommendations for volume
42:51- What the group thinks gyms will be like when they reopen
47:13- Your first week back
1:04:05- Don t be afraid

Selected Links From This Episode

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Nick s Instagram- @nicklicameli

3DMJ Vault- https://www.3dmjvault.com

Monthly Applications In Strength Sport (MASS)- https://www.3dmusclejourney.com/mass


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