67 minutes | Apr 9th 2020

#149: 1 Year Out From Your Next Show

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In this episode, Alberto, Brad, and Jeff discuss how to set yourself up for a successful prep.

How can you accurately determine how much weight you need to lose? What simple formula can help you estimate the length of your prep? How far out from your show do the coaches recommend you start working with a coach? If you ve never competed before, what do the coaches recommend you do before your first show to help you get a better feel for what bodybuilding competitions are like?

The answers to these, plus many more pre-prep questions are covered in today s episode. Whether this is your first, fifth, or tenth show, you re sure to find value in the ideas and recommendations talked about in this episode.


0:00- Introduction
4:02- Determining how much weight you need to lose and the length of your prep
14:57- The importance of giving yourself enough time and developing a good coach-client relationship
27:23- Choosing a coach
49:05- The value of going to a show before you compete
58:46- Closing thoughts

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