87 minutes | Mar 12th 2020

#147: All About Body Dysmorphia

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In this episode, Eric, Alberto, and Amanda (the team mental health consultant) thoroughly examine body dysmorphia. The group discuss what it is, who it affects, and what you can do if you re suffering from it.

How can someone manage behaviors that have both negative and positive roles in their life? Why does someone continue to do something they don t want to do? How can visualization be helpful? How can one s attitudes affect the length of their bodybuilding career?

The answers to these, plus many more questions related to body dysmorphia are covered in today s episode. If you re a physique athlete, a coach who works with physique athletes, or you are someone struggling with body dysmorphia, give this episode a listen for some information on the subject and guidance on what you can do.


0:00- Introduction
4:18- Clinical definition of body dysmorphia
12:02- Managing behaviors that have negative and positive roles in one s life
34:02- Identifying the functionality of problematic behaviors
41:23- The effects of attitudes and bodybuilding vs. team sports
1:05:20- Simplifying your bodybuilding
1:11:06- Reducing your physique checks
1:23:41- What to do if you re struggling with body dysmorphia

Selected Links From This Episode

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Amanda s Instagram- @rizomonster

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