29 minutes | Jul 1, 2021

Member Spotlight: A Conversation about Novel Nano-Coating Technology and Collaboration

In this first Member Spotlight episode,  we have a conversation with  Zia Karim, Yield Engineering Systems, and Mie Lillethorup, RadiSurf about their collaboration to bring unique nanotech-based surface enhancement materials from the lab to the fab. What's exciting about these materials and processes is the potential they hold for simplifying both temporary and permanent wafer bonding in 2.5D and 3D advanced packaging applications. The two companies fall under the umbrella of KCK Group. Yield Engineering Systems specializes s in high-volume solutions for material modification and surface enhancement,  Radisurf is a Danish start-up that has developed nano-coating of polymer brushes, which are densely-placed tiny plastic chains that act as an adhesion promoter, and is suited for multiple applications in semiconductor advanced packaging, as well as MEMS, sensors, microLEDs. To learn more about Yield Engineering Systems, visit the website or contact Zia Karim.  To learn more about RadiSurf, visit the website or contact Mie Lillethorup
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