36 minutes | Jun 17, 2021

A Conversation with Bharat Kapoor about Creating a Resilient Semiconductor Supply Chain

In this episode, Françoise interviews Bharat Kapoor, lead partner, Americas, at Kearney. a global strategy and management consulting firm, where he founded and leads PERLab, the firm’s design innovation service. Bharat has solid roots in semiconductor engineering and design. His interest in electrical engineering began in his hometown in the Himalayas when he was in the third grade. He learned you could make a transformer by wrapping wire around a piece of iron. He tried it at home and almost burned his house down. A passion was born. As a junior engineer at Motorola, he seized an opportunity to work on the special projects team that developed the first smartphone. You can read his story here. It’s pretty great.In the wake of COVID 19 and its impact on the semiconductor supply chain, Kapoor’s team researched, wrote, and published a white paper, Why a Resilient Semiconductor Supply Chain is Imperative and How to Create One. In addition to giving an overview of the paper and tips you can put to work at your company, Bharat answers some tough questions like: ·      With all the fab expansion, will we be at risk of an oversupply? ·      Is the US infusion of $52B too little, too late? ·      Will Intel’s IDM 2.0 Strategy for Manufacturing be successful? ·      And more…Related Links ·      Why A Resilient Semiconductor Supply Chain is Imperative and How to Create One·      Kearney Global Strategy and Management Consulting Firm·      Contact Bharat Kapoor  
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