33 minutes | Jul 15, 2021

A Conversation About How to Be Better Allies to our LGBTQ+ Peers in the Semiconductor Industry and Beyond

In the aftermath of Gay Pride Month, we bring you a very special episode of the 3D InCites Podcast. Even though it's July, we believe it is important to be allies to the LGBTQ community all year round. While many companies showed support for the LGBTQ+ community by adapting their logos with rainbow colors and sharing supportive messaging and banners on social media, SEMI Foundation went a step further and commissioned a blog post written by Maria Vetrano titled, "LGBTQIA+ Visibility and Acceptance in the Chip Industry.". The blog post was enlightening, to say the least, and it inspired us to learn more about how those of us in the semiconductor industry can be better allies and accomplices to our LGBTQ+ colleagues. To do that, we invited Maria and SEMI Foundation's Michelle Williams-Vaden to join us in a conversation.  If you have more questions, we invite you to reach out to Michelle at SEMI Foundation: mwilliams@semi.org,  and/or Maria Vetrano on Linked In. If you'd like to learn more about some of the organizations mentioned in this episode, visit their websites: SEMI Foundation Outright Action InternationalGLSENHuman Rights CampaignThe Trevor ProjectClick here to learn more about how 3D InCites is supporting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the semiconductor industry, and how you can help,
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