41 minutes | Jun 4, 2021

A Conversation about Global Fab Expansion and Its Impact on Equipment Suppliers and the Workforce

The chip shortage in the wake of COVID 19 is such a big story that it’s attracting mainstream media attention, and it feels like the general public now knows what semiconductors are.  The upshot is that the shortage combined with the demand for chips is putting a strain on the entire semiconductor supply chain. With an expected 38 new fabs coming online between 2020 and 2024, demand is high for 300mm and 200mm tools, as well as the workforce to make them run. Not only that, but lead times to get those fabs operating will not solve the current situation. Emerald Grieg of Surplus Global; Dave Kirsch, EV Group, and Darrell McDaniel, of NSTAR Global Services, join me in a conversation to provide perspective and insight. Contact Today's SpeakersEmerald Grieg, SurplusGlobal,  Email: Emerald@Surplusglobal.comDarrell McDaniel, NSTAR Global Services,  Email: DMcDaniel@NSTARglobalservices.comDave Kirsch, EV Group,  Email: D.Kirsch@EVGroup.com
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