106 minutes | Jun 27th 2020

Paul Biddiss - 1917, Strike Back, Gangs of London **Military Technical Advisor**

We sit down for this Indie Talk to chat with Military Technical Advisor Paul Biddiss.  Paul is one of the go to Guys withing the movie Industry and has been a driving force behind the scenes on such films as 1917, Tolkien, Murder on the Orient Express, Justice League, Wonder Woman 84, Transformers: The Last Knight, Jason Bourne and more... However that is just Movies, he has also been prolific on the Tv with shows like Gangs of London, Pennyworth, War and Peace, The Crown, Taboo, Catherine the Great and many more.... Paul got his start after 24 years of service in the forces after a chance on set conversation with George Clooney and has never looked back. Even creating his own world renowned Advisor company you can find here: Military Technical Advisor to Film and TV - Facebook Check out Pauls Showreel here: Paul Biddiss Demo Reel - Youtube Check out the Website here: Military Adviser for Film and TV Ltd - Website
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