184 minutes | Jan 18th 2020

Its 2020 People... Lets Do This!!!

Its 2020 and we are kicking off the decade with a juicy Bumper epsidoe for you all including our usual brand of excellence. Intro and Banter 00.00 - 11.10 Mighty Marvel Geeks Podcast Promo & #News 11.10 - 1.01.40 Mindunter looks to be done Morbius looks great More news on the Snyder Cut and much more Poop Culture Podcast Promo & Indie Review (Sustain) 1.01.40 - 1.17.15 Massive thank you to Dave Hastings for allowing us to watch his passion project and letting us give it a review on the podcast, please kick it out when its available. HOBI Promo & What Have You Been Watching 1.17.15 - 2.37.00 Including: Gavin and Stacey, Dracula, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot Glass, Black and Blue, JOJO Rabbit, Midway, 1917 Nicolas Cage Appreciation Scociety best of times and Fast Times Titans Season 2, Power & Vikings, Bombshell, Dont Fuck With Cats Salty Language Podcast Promo and Zero Percenter Stratton 2.37.00 - 2.46.00 Gotham Orville Lights Podcast Promo & Top 5 2.46.00 - 3.04.30 Is our top5 movies that we believe should of won an Oscar or even got a nod but they didnt...
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