49 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

#2 KLASSENFAHRT (D: Henner Winckler, SCR: Stefan Kriekhaus, Henner Winckler, 86 Min, DE, 2002)

The interview was conducted in English at the cinema in the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB) on the 09.01.2020.We spoke with Henner Winckler and co-writer Stefan Kriekhaus about their debut film - KLASSENFAHRT ( 86 Min, DE, 2002). Synopsis: A schoolclass travels to the Polish Baltic Sea during off-season. The students do not find the vacation resort very exciting. Between table tennis, day trips and alcohol excesses, 16-year-old Ronny and his classmate Isa develop a cautious relationship. During a visit to a disco, they get to know a young polish man called Marek. Ronny quickly notices that Marek is more interested in Isa than in him. Ronny begins to challenge Marek again and again, until it finally comes to a test of courage."If KLASSENFAHRT were French, or better Asian, the whole world would immediately throw itself on the floor and shout "masterpiece," wrote Didier Péron for the French daily Libération. The film premiered at the International Forum of the Berlinale in 2002. 
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