79 minutes | Jun 3rd 2018

Ep18 Fatherless: Obama or Killmonger

Welcome Family! Ep.18:: Fatherless... Obama or Kilmonger! This week we get right into it about Drake and detail each rumor from Pusha T's diss record "The Story of Adonis"... Kanye West drops his highly anticipated album "Ye" to mixed reviews. Is it straight Trash or Therapeutic for folks with Mental Illness? Ice Cube says rappers have only a 3 year cap at the top and Drake's reign is coming to and end. Do you agree? Jerrell believes 1 rapper is not a part of this equation. Jovee gets in-depth with her Sign Reading and review of Jerrell's NATAL Chart... πŸ‘€ Lastly, CuznKourt gives his review of this year's Roots Picnic in Philly! #3SD #3ShadesDope #CuznKourt #Drake #PushaT #Jovee #Jerrell Become a supporter of this podcast: https://anchor.fm/social-jibberish/support
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