138 minutes | May 14, 2021

He Raked My Backlash - May 13, 2021

On the road again, returns & PPV's.....Another wild, and unpredictable, week in pro wrestling and we're back to discuss it all:- Our 5th week of 'Wrestler of the Year' nominations- Best & worst wrestling video games ever (3CT QOTW)- Will we miss anything from the 'pandemic era'??- WrestleMania Backlash PPV predictions- Kayfabe in the modern eraAll of this & so much more.... don't miss outMake sure you visit our website https://3countthursday.com/Become a #Patreon supporter of #3CT & get exclusive audio content, social media shout-outs and more – visit https://www.patreon.com/3CountThursday for more info!Follow the 3Count team on twitter:@3CountThursdayJim (@BigJimSports on Twitter)Ryan (@ryneagle on Twitter)Matt (@3CTaPhilly8 on Twitter) ‬‬‬‬‬Intern Mark (@3CountIntern on Twitter)Tim (@NotTheToolMan on Twitter)Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our show on ALL podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Google Play & more. We are now on Spotify so you can follow our show there as well!Also, make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the new ‘3 Count Thursday Hot Tag’ podcast as well….it’s our best segment(s) of the week in easy to listen form. Available on ALL podcast platforms.Our show is part of the NGSC Sports Radio Network brought to you by Arena Eats
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