23 minutes | Nov 12th 2020

EP164: A Relaunching Veteran’s Perspective on Starting a Return to Work Program with Ashley-Bria Leo

Ashley-Bria Leo is a relauncher who spent four years in military intelligence for the US Air Force followed by an entrepreneurial venture. While on career break she moved to a new city, completed an accelerated, executive MBA program and discovered the brand new Wells Fargo Glide-Relaunch program. She applied and was one of the few accepted to this competitive return to work internship program. We speak with Ashley-Bria at a milestone moment- she is starting Glide-Relaunch the following week. Ashley also attended our virtual iRelaunch Return to Work Conference and reported on LinkedIn how valuable she found it. We will talk to Ashley-Bria about her career path, her relaunch and what she is thinking at this moment before she starts her return to work program.