35 minutes | Nov 8th 2018

EP 62: "An Eldercare Primer for Relaunchers and More – Part II" with Janet Simpson Benvenuti

In this second podcast installment, Janet Simpson Benvenuti, relauncher, eldercare expert, founder of Circle of Life Partners, and author of “Don’t Give Up on Me! Supporting Aging Parents Successfully” describes the information and documents that all eldercare providers should assemble, including legal documents and medical documents. She discusses eight strategic decisions that are the basis for caring for aging parents and the six factors that contribute to your, and your parents’ longevity. For more information about Janet Simpson Benvenuti and her work, go to Circle of Life Partners and sign up for their newsletter, follow Janet on Twitter, read “Don’t Give Up on Me! Supporting Aging Parents Successfully,” and follow her blog, Dontgiveuponthem.com http://colpartners.com/ @colpartners http://dontgiveuponthem.com/