28 minutes | Nov 1st 2018

EP 61: "An Eldercare Primer for Relaunchers and More – Part I" with Janet Simpson Benvenuti

"An Eldercare Primer for Relaunchers and More" with Janet Simpson Benvenuti – Part I In this two-part podcast, Carol talks with Janet Simpson Benvenuti, relauncher, eldercare expert, founder of Circle of Life Partners, and author of “Don’t Give Up on Me! Supporting Aging Parents Successfully” about how we can best prepare for future eldercare responsibilities and managing the care of our elders once in the eldercare role. In this first installment, Janet describes what she learned from her personal experience on career break caring for her aging parents, and her subsequent relaunch as a subject matter expert, eldercare coach and guide. http://colpartners.com/ @colpartners http://dontgiveuponthem.com/