34 minutes | May 3rd 2018

EP 36: "Re-entering the Workforce as a Financial Planner" with Eleanor Blayney

Recently retired from her position as Special Advisor on Gender Diversity for the Certified Financial Planner Board, Eleanor Blayney, a long-time advocate for women in financial planning, speaks with Carol about the role of Certified Financial Planners in providing 360-degree guidance in personal financial management. She and Carol discuss the “Financial Planner Re-entry Initiative,” a program developed by The CFP Board Center for Financial Planning in partnership with iRelaunch, that connects firms in the financial planning sector with experienced professionals seeking to reenter the workforce after a career break by establishing return-to-work internships. https://www.cfp.net/career-center/resources-for-job-seekers/financial-planner-reentry-initiative Tune in to hear how relaunchers can be particularly attractive candidates in this professional re-entry opportunity.