35 minutes | Oct 7, 2021

EP 209: Relaunching With Resilience After a Divorce & the Power of Positivity, with Lucy Chang Evans

Lucy Chang Evans is a civil engineer who also worked as a U.S. Secret Service agent before going on career break to build a family. Ten years later, she found herself in the middle of a divorce with three young kids. She first relaunched by returning to her original career as a civil engineer. After nearly six years in that role, Lucy went on career break again last year to focus on the online MBA she was pursuing and to help her children navigate e-learning during the pandemic. Lucy describes the vulnerability she felt at the beginning of her relaunch and the steps she took to “put one foot in front of the other” to turn things around. She also discusses the valuable relationships she developed as a result of her unsuccessful bid to win a city council seat, her advice for people relaunching as a single parent, and why positivity is so important. Time magazine article by Joanne Lipman in which Lucy is mentioned: https://time.com/6051955/work-after-covid-19/
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