30 minutes | May 27, 2021

EP 190: "Best Piece of Advice for Relaunchers" Memorial Day Compilation Episode

Combining the "Best Piece of Advice" from 10 episodes of "3, 2, 1, iRelaunch," you'll hear from guests including Liz Thorne on relaunching in sustainable investing; Cynthia Siemens on recruiting video introductions & interviews; Susan Samuelson on relaunching in academia after a career in corporate law; Mimi Kahn on relaunching in a social work career; Ellie St. John on relaunching as a human resources professional; Pam Waterman on returning to engineering after a 31-year career break; Diane Keane on returning to work in finance in non-profits; Global Head of Recruiting Miranda Kalinowski on Facebook's Return to Work Program (with Guest Host Cheryl McGee Wallace); Becca Rosenthal on transitioning to a technical role from a non-technical background; and Sue Hoppin on relaunching as a military spouse and her role with the National Military Spouse Network. Be sure to listen to the full podcast content from each of these special guests in previous episodes.
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