25 minutes | Dec 23, 2020

EP 169: "Best Piece of Advice for Relaunchers" Compilation Episode

Combining the "Best Piece of Advice" from 11 episodes of "3, 2, 1, iRelaunch," you'll hear from guests including Liz O’Donnell on relaunching after an eldercare career break, Ginny Brzezinski on her relaunch journey and “Comeback Careers,” Cynthia Stewart on relaunching as a systems engineer, Kara Goldin on building Hint into a $100 million business, Dorothy DeWitt on relaunching in financial regulatory compliance, Kendell Brown on relaunching and career transitioning, Lisa Fain on mentoring and relaunching, Selena Rezvani on being a fierce self-advocate, Kim Winsey Stevenson on relaunching in non-clinical medicine, Letitia Shen on relaunching as a hazardous substances engineer, and Salli Cobb on industry switching after a career break. Be sure to listen to the full podcast content from each of these special guests in previous episodes.
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