41 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

EP 168: Relaunching as a Published Author and Writing as a Viable Career Path, with Amy Impellizzeri

After spending thirteen years as a corporate litigator in New York City, Amy Impellizzeri left "big firm law" to write and work in a startup supporting female entrepreneurs. When her first novel, "Lemongrass Hope," debuted in October 2014 as an Amazon best-seller, Amy decided to pursue a writing career full time. She has just released her fifth novel "I Know How This Ends." We discuss how to make a living as a writer, the craft and discipline of writing a novel, agents, book contracts, publishers and more. Amy also has a non-fiction book published by the American Bar Association called "Lawyer Interrupted," a how-to guide for leaving the practice of law; something Amy says about half of all lawyers want to do.* Amy is the Past President of the Women's Fiction Writers Association, and a proud member of the Tall Poppy Writers, a female writers' collaborative which played an important role in Amy's evolution as a published author. Amy is a frequent speaker across the country and a faculty member of the Drexel University MFA Program in Creative Writing. She lives in Reading, Pennsylvania . More on Amy and her books here. *Fun fact - Amy is working on a sequel to "Lawyer Interrupted" with none other than former lawyer now relaunched as a tenured business law professor and "Life After Law" author Liz Brown, who we interviewed in Episode 59! https://www.womensfictionwriters.org/ https://tallpoppies.org/ https://www.amyimpellizzeri.com/ https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/e59-transitioning-from-law-firm-partner-to-tenure-track/id1202049234?i=1000422144889
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