38 minutes | Dec 3, 2020

EP 166: Relaunching in Market Research, with Hang Tran

Hang Tran returned to work as a market research and consumer insights professional in 2016 after staying at home full time to care for her children for seven years. She told us “My story has many twists and turns. When I started telling my friends that I wanted to go back to work, they often assumed that because I have an Oxford MBA and good experience, things should be easy for me. I had a very challenging time when I tried to find jobs in Miami, Florida. Spanish is widely spoken, and as someone whose Spanish was basic, I didn't even pass the first screening for many marketing jobs. So I started by volunteering 30 hours per week for six months at a local start-up and at a hospital, helping them with marketing and research. It helped give me more recent work-related stories to tell hiring managers, and boosted my confidence.” Hang tells us how learning Google Analytics and joining Toastmasters were important steps in her relaunch, and how she went from “feeling like a dinosaur” and not knowing what she wanted to do, to where she is today. She also moved across the country in the process!
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