46 minutes | Jul 14, 2016

World Series of Poker - 2016 Discussion - Part II

The discussion of one of our favorite poker tournament-based addictions – continues! The details, the people, the news, and the impact the things inside the poker industry are ALL included inside this second part of an on-going discussion about The World Series of Pokeron this episode of The 2GuysTalkingPoker Podcast! Meet and Connect with the Hosts: — Connect with Vic Porcelli on Twitter, LinkedIn, The Deli, and all his 2GT Appearances — Connect with Andy Kazen on Twitter, LinkedIn, and all his 2GT Appearances — 2GuysTalkingPoker on Facebook, Twitter, and Online  Subscribe via iTunes! | Subscribe via RSS   Visit this podcast on Facebook Links from this episode: –2GuysTalkingPoker – Our Interview of Greg Raymer –Poker Central Online: Check out the details now! –2GuysTalkingPoker – Our Interview with Norm Chad   Calls to the Audience: –If YOU or someone you know en
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