87 minutes | Oct 2, 2015

TDA Rule Changes & Playing Short Stack

In Poker you’d think the rules are pretty straight forward. Well, they are, as long as you know about all of the CHANGES that take place. Be sure to tune into this episode of 2GuysTalkingPoker, where host Vic Porcelli and visiting co-host Aaron Corson detail all of the recent TDA changes, industry news and more. Links from this episode: — Guest Host Aaron Corson on Hendon Mob Poker Database — Tyler Frost featured in 2GuysTalkingPoker Tweets — New Poker Rules: Rule 2: Player Responsibilities Rule 3: Official Terminology of Tournament Poker Rule 12: Declarations. Card Speak at Showdown Rule 13: Tabling Cards & Killing Winning Hand Wanna’ find out the rest of ’em? …listen to this episode of 2GuysTalkingPoker.Com now! Advertisements included in this episode: — GalaxyCast — “Star Wars” Reviews of All Kinds, Science Fiction and More! — Podcaster’s Roundtable: Ray Ortega and a Growing Group of Podcast Professionals — The LETA Conference: Go Behind the Badge — The Conspiracy Agents — It Takes More Than One to Make the Case — Jurassic Park Perspective Review – A Podcast 65 Million Years in the Making
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