82 minutes | Jan 27, 2016

Poker Roundtable with Aaron Corson and Tony Wallace!

You can do a whole lot of talking. You can do a whole lot of thinking. But when it comes tournament poker play, it really is about which card you put down and which ones you don’t. It’s time for the first player-inspired poker roundtable of 2016. Join our champions and 2GuysTalking Poker hosts as they provide you with detailed tips and information to change the way you play poker. Links from this episode: — Guests: Aaron Corson and Tony Wallace — Listen now to the previous episode of 2GuysTalking Poker with guest Jonathan Little. Advertisements included in this episode: — GalaxyCast — “Star Wars” Reviews of All Kinds, Science Fiction and More! — Podcaster’s Roundtable: Ray Ortega and a Growing Group of Podcast Professionals — 2GuysTalking Doctor Who — Remember: the Doctor Always Lies! — The “E.T.” Perspective Movie Review — A Broken Family, An Alien, & Perspective — The Conspiracy Agents — It Takes More Than One to Make the Case Tell us what you think and we’ll use your input in a future ALL-FAN-INPUT episode!  Download Episode|  
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