47 minutes | Jul 5, 2016

Lon McEachern Interview

Looking for a program where two grown men can giggle and fawn over a professional broadcaster like giddy little schoolgirls? Then welcome topoker nerdy nirvana! It’s the first of what we hope are many great interviews with poker broadcaster, “funnier-than-that-Norm-Chad-guy”, play-by-play guru, Lon McEachern! Add on the usual detailed hand analysis and poker industry news and you’ve go a legendary episode of 2GuysTalkingPoker, featuring another true poker legend! Tell us what you think and we’ll use your comments on the show! Links from this episode: — Follow the new 2GuysTalkingPoker Twitter account now! — Get to know the newest member of the 2GuysTalking family, Pinnacle Entertainment! — The Following Podcast — Reviewing Each and Every Hour of “The Following” on Fox! — Lon McEachern on Twitter! — Remember all the episodes we talked about? Need a refresher? Get caught up now! Advertisements included in this episode: — 2GuysTalking is proud to be using Heil Sound Microphones! — Get bit by the Podcast Bug! — The Life on the Half-Shelly Podcast –– Get what you want! — Freedom Sampler — Great software to change your life! — Fight Ribbon Clothing Company — Promoting The Fight Against Cancer — 
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