72 minutes | Sep 2, 2016

Lon McEachern – Another Visit with The Poker Broadcast Master

When you say “sports broadcaster”, your mind reels to memories of baseball. Football. Basketball. The Olympics. What you have unfortunately forgotten is that there is another flavor of “play calling” that has nothing to do with overt movements of muscles that invole strides, springing forward and jumping. The Tournament Poker game has certainly changed over the years, as has the “calling of the game” and we’re honored once again to not just have the Master Poker Broadcaster himself, Lon McEachern in via teleconference suite for an interview – but Lon also chimes in on our news segments and more.. It’s another true treat of one of our favorite guests that makes every single call one that “makes you go Crazy, folks, makes you go Crazy!” Join us as we welcome Lon McEachern on 2GuysTalkingPoker on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network. Meet and Connect with the Hosts: — Connect with Vic Porcelli on Twitter, LinkedIn, The Deli, and all his 2GT Appearances — Connect with Andy Kazen on Twitter, LinkedIn, and all his 2GT Appearances — 2GuysTalkingPoker on Facebook, Twitter, and Online  Subscribe via iTunes |  Subscribe via RSS Feed |  Facebook Page |  Twitter
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