34 minutes | Jul 23, 2016

Top 1o Tastiest, Speediest Vehicles in TV History

The days of classic TV are quickly speeding by. Online repositories of entertainment, are quickly squeezing out the market that once crafted people’s evenings even faster than a pine derby craft at the local Boy Scout Den’s Tourney Event. But the memories, sights, and sounds from days long gone by – are still there: Continually crafted, grafted and impressed upon future generations as screeching tires of all kinds echo in our collective entertainment ears. Jump through the welded-shut door hole. Pack up the familiy station wagon for the Grand Canyon, and strap on that white motorcycle helmet and prepare to jump the shark – for REAL! It’s time for the 2GuysTalkingCars Top 10: Tastiest, Speediest Vehicles of TV History.    Subscribe via iTunes |  Subscribe via RSS Feed Connect with The Hosts: — Mike Wilkerson: Facebook & Twitter — Ron Reiling: Facebook & AASP Missouri Links from this Episode: — Jay Leno and 4 Barrel Rolls in a Hemi — Jay Leno’s Garage Website — All of the Episodes of 2GuysTalkingCars Featuring The General Lee —
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