73 minutes | Mar 22, 2015

Christine (1983): A Perspective Review

The color – Blood Red. The make: Plymouth. The value – Awesome. In 1983 there were a lot of big things goin’ on. Hair. Neon colored clothes. The expectations of your wood shop instructor. The other big thing that was going on, during the summer of 1983 – was a little movie, about a really angry car called Christine! Grab your popcorn, turn the radio to your favorite bee-bop because it’s time for the Perspective Review of Christine 1983 directed by John Carpenter 2GuysTalkingCars podcast!  Subscribe via iTunes |  Subscribe via RSS Feed Links from this episode: — The Bully Network: We’re working with law enforcement across North America to make a great, educational Network! — The Mystic River (2003) Perspective Review via WhatCopsWatch.Com — The Wicked Smat’ Review Series from 2GuysTalking: Boston-based Movie Reviews — The Versus Machine Podcast (Books VERSUS Movies and More!) — Watch us live on 2GuysTalking TV! — The IMDB Listing for Christine (1983) — The IMDB Listing for Director John Carpenter — The IMDB Listing for Production Designer Daniel A. Lomino — Visit Movie Mistakes Online for the best repository of
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