73 minutes | Oct 24, 2016

American Graffiti (1973): Perspective Review

When I was a kid, HAPPY DAYS was one of the most prolific programs on television. What I remember from that was red-headed Richie Cunningham, his familiy, and the rocking around the clock of those who worshipped the Fonz, and all things drive-in diner. The cars. The stories. The Innocence, and ROLLER SKATES! It was a different time with different morals and truy completely different lifestyles. No electronic “things” to take up your time.and tons of steel AWESOME to capture your gaze. Time to slick your hair back, grab a cherry coke and rev your engine, because it’s time for The 2GuysTalkingCars Perspective Review of American Graffiti 1973, directed by George Lucas, here on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.  Subscribe via iTunes |  Subscribe via RSS Feed Links from this episode: — The IMBD Cast Listing for American Graffiti — The 10 Best MOPAR Vehicles from Movies and Television History — The Jurassic Park (1993) Perspective Review: A Podcast 65 Million Years in the Making — Mike Moelenkamp from Gary’s Automotive — Mike Moelenkamp on LinkedIn — Ron Reiling’s AASP-MO — Ron Reiling on LinkedIn — Ron Reiling on Facebook — Mike Wilkerson on
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