68 minutes | Sep 19, 2015

18 Cars That Are Characters

You can recall – right now a variety of characters that you know. Whether they’re family members, people from church, your workplace, the local tavern – we all have an undeniable listing that would probably make for a great podcast all on it’s own. Well – cars, both from television, movies and more make easily for characters that propel those offerings just like the ones that ignite the stories that make you laugh cry and goat in all corners of our lives. It’s time for the 2GuysTalkingCars Podcast – this time our focus on the 18 Character Cars form TV and Movie History – on The2GuysTalking Podcast Network  Subscribe via iTunes |  Subscribe via RSS Feed Housekeeping: — Scammercast is now sponsored by Western Union — The Arrival of Porcelli’s Deli Links from this episode: — Mike Wilkerson: Facebook & Twitter — Ron Reiling: Facebook & AASP Missouri — Vic Porcelli: Facebook — Transformers Perspective Reviews — New K.I.T. — Batmobiles — Christine
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