42 minutes | May 9, 2016

10 Best Police Vehicles from TV & Movies

The LAW, is out there, in vehicles of all kinds no less. Whether they on two wheels or on wheels that peel out and chase the good guys like in The Dukes of Hazzard, or the bad guys like Sonny Crocket and Tubbs in the day-glow cityscape of Miami, the law has always and will always have a presence in entertainment. It’s time for a literal hybrid podcast, combining the superpowers of 2GuysTalkingCars.Com, and WhatCopsWatch.Com where we put some polish on some of the coolest cop cars in entertainment history! Sit back a spell, strap on your proverbial duty belt and or shoulder holster and join us as we revisit the land of nostalgia, police officers and entertainment as we list The 10 Best Cop Vehicles from TV & Movies on The 2GuysTalking Podcast Network.  Subscribe via iTunes |  Subscribe via RSS Feed Links from this Episode: — The IMDB Listing for starsky & Hutch – Image Search for this Vehicle — The IMDB Listing for Adam 12 –
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